Homeopathic Remedies for Animal Health

We aim to produce natural homeopathic remedies for sick and healthy animals here at Natural Pet.

We cater to the family pet owner, the equine industry (pets or performance), lifestyle block owners, and farming production animals. No matter what animal you have: cat, dog, horse, sheep, pig, chicken, beef, dairy cow or goat, we can make remedies to suit their needs.

Natural Remedies for Animal Health

At Natural Pet, we're noticing an upward trend in pet and livestock owners seeking treatments that are gentle, eco-friendly, affordable, and free of harmful side effects for their animals. These are solutions like natural mastitis in cows treatment, milk fever remedies, and other common animal health issues.

While traditional medicine certainly has its merits, pet owners and farmers alike are growing more conscious of the potential long-term health impacts of synthetic products. There's growing concerns over using chemically-intensive flea treatment for dogs, or continually administering steroids to animals with skin irritations. They're discovering the advantages of dog and cat homoeopathic remedies, like flea treatment for dogs or remedies for ear mites in cats.

These changes make us wonder why our animals are now falling victim to illnesses that were once exclusive to humans, such as diabetes, kidney disease, and cancer. Could this be linked to the daily exposure of pollutants and toxins in their environments?

Every aspect of their lives, from the air they breathe, the food they eat, to the stress they experience, and the products applied to them, contributes to the strain on their immune systems. At Natural Pet, we're committed to assisting pet owners in ensuring their pets are healthy using natural methods, like homoeopathic remedies for treating anxiety in cats and dogs, or identifying Cushing's disease symptoms for early intervention.

We are passionate about helping pet owners like you raise naturally healthy animals. 

Natural Pet: Where Passion Meets Health

At Natural Pet, our passion is to help animal owners like you maintain the natural health of your animals. Our remedies span a wide variety of health conditions, from common parasitic problems to more complex diseases like diabetes and kidney disease.

So, whether you're a pet owner seeking an effective and gentle treatment for your dog's itchy skin or a farmer wishing to improve the health and productivity of your livestock, we invite you to explore our range of remedies and join the increasing number of animal lovers who have chosen a natural, gentle approach to animal health.

Natural Pet Remedies FAQs

Are homoeopathic remedies suitable for all animals?

Natural Pet offers remedies for a wide range of animals, including cats, dogs, horses,and more. No matter what type of furry friend you have, we will do our best to guide you to natural remedies that meet their specific needs.

How do homoeopathic remedies work for animals?

Animals respond to homoeopathic remedies similarly to how humans do. We choose remedies based on the symptoms presented by the animal. At Natural Pet, we ensure that our remedies are primarily derived from natural substances.

Why should I use natural remedies as flea treatment for dogs?

Modern pharmaceutical solutions for flea treatment often contain harsh chemicals which may be harmful to your pet"s health. At Natural Pet, we distribute a range of natural flea remedies that serve as successful alternatives to over-the-counter pet care solutions.

Our natural flea treatment products incorporate ingredients that are naturally repellent to fleas, yet gentle on your pet's skin. Remember, it's always wise to pair these treatments with regular grooming and cleaning of your pet's environment for a holistic flea control strategy.

Can I manage anxiety in cats and dogs naturally?

Yes, stress and anxiety in pets can be managed effectively with natural remedies.These treatments work by promoting a calm and relaxed state, aiding in their overall wellbeing. For instance, Natural Pet offers a variety of non-toxic treatments and therapies for anxiety in cats and dogs.

For more information on our offerings, please contact us today.

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Natural Remedies for Animal Health

Natural Pet finds that more and more animal owners are now looking for ways they can treat their animals with products that are gentle, natural, cost effective, non withholding and don’t come with the nasty side effects. 

In today’s society conventional medicine definitely have their place, and have helped to save many lives, but owners are becoming increasingly aware of the long term consequences to their animals health by using conventional based products. People don't feel comfortable using pesticide flea treatments on their pets, or continually giving their animals with itchy skin steroids. Farmers are starting to realise the benefit of treating with homeopathy, no withholding periods, so no loss of production as milk can still go in the vat and also an animal that heals quicker.

We have to ask the question “Why are our animals now developing diseases that only we used to get”, such as diabetes, kidney disease and cancer. Are these problems coming from the pollutants and toxins that we expose them to everyday? 

From the atmosphere they live in, to the food we feed them, stress and the products we use on them, these are all compounding burdens upon their immune systems. At Natural Pet it is our passion to help animal owners like you, have natural healthy animals.

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