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  • Spring & Joey
    Joey's mum came to us back in May 09, he was constantly itching and was a very unhappy little dog. He had been on many courses of steroids and while this did help him and calm him down, this never lasted long and his mum was very worried about the side effects on having him on this medication long term.
  • BJ and Flighty
    BJ my Clydie X came to live with us about 7 or 8 years ago. He arrived with some acknowledged “people baggage”. In spite of this he is a sincere and honest chap, who definitely felt more secure with some paddock between himself and people....
  • Amber
    My 28 year old mare was in good condition for her age, only she had breathing similar to “Darth Vader” with puffiness around her eyes and down her nose. After Paulette doing a consultation with her and coming up with a remedy, her symptoms have cleared up almost completely, reoccurring only if...

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