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Paulette is a fully qualified Animal Homeopath and Herbalist and offers full consulting services for all animals.  Over the years she has treated cats, dogs, horses, cows, calves, sheep, guinea pigs, rabbits, alpacas, birds and even a turtle.   So any animal can benefit from homeopathy. Paulette offers acute consulting and also full consulting services.

Acute consulting – acute is defined as something that has a sudden onset, is very intense and can resolve in a short period of time. Say your dog has developed a sudden skin condition, or torn a cruciate ligament.

Full consulting – is where an animal has developed a chronic illness, such as diabetes, heart murmur. Chronic disease is defined as something that is more deep seated in the individual and will be a long term health issue, rather than short sudden as in the acute disease.  Paulette also offers follow up consultations at a reduced rate.

In full consultations Paulette will come up with a treatment plan that is individual to you animal, she looks at the animal holistically, which means looking at the animal as a whole, rather than the specific problem they are presenting.

She will be looking at not only what can be done homeopathically and herbally but also looking at diet, lifestyle, environment and any other aspect that may be affecting you animal.

These consultations can be done in person or via phone or email.  Just go to our consulting page to book and pay for one, or contact us either by phone: 0508 466 367 or via email.

Paulette has been treating animals successfully NZ wide for many years.



At Natural Pet we have a full homeopathic dispensary. So if you would like to purchase a specific remedy or combination of remedies we can mix this up for you. You may want a bottle of Arnica to keep in the cupboard, or Apis for bee stings. Just go to our dispensary page to order (Dispensary), click on either a single or combination remedy, then what size. On the product page below the price there will be a box for you to put the remedy name in.

This option is for remedies from our dispensary and does not cover the Eponacare or Tagiwig ranges.



Our Tagiwig is a homeopathic and herbal range of 27 remedies that have been designed to cover the most common everyday ailments of cats and dogs. Click here to go to the Tagiwig range.


Eponacare is a homeopathic range of 12 remedies that have been designed to cover the most common everyday ailments of horses.  Click here to go to the Eponacare range.