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About Natural Pet & their Products

Natural Pet came about from a need to find products that can be used safely on our pets and animal without any side effects.  Natural Pet is situated in the beautiful valley of Takahue just outside of Kaitaia in the Far North of the North Island of New Zealand.

Natural Pet was created by Animal Homeopath and Herbalist Paulette Carpenter, whose journey into natural medicine started over 25 years ago. She has an extensive back ground in helping cats, dogs and horses, and this has also extended in to dairy cows, with Paulette having over 10 years dairy farming in Northland.

Paulette has a Diploma of Homeopathy specialising in animal health, qualified as an animal herbalist and also a member and registered animal homeopath with the New Zealand Council of Homeopaths.

In the picture above is Tag on the left and Pipi on the right.  The Tagiwig range of remedies was named in memory of Tag, who passed away on 14th March 2011, Pipi our Natural Pet mascots also passed away on 11th July 2019 at the old age of 15.5 years.

Benefits of buying from us

  • NZ Owned, Operated and Made - this means that when you buy from Natural Pet you are not only buying locally to help reduce you environmental and carbon footstep but you are also supporting a New Zealand based business.
  • All remedies have a 5 year expiry date, so you can put them away safely without the worry of them going off within that time.
  • No chemicals, parabens, or allopathic medicines used in our products, they are all homeopathic and herbal, bringing together these two fantastic healing modalities.

  • Quality products - we are so committed to giving our customers quality products, we hand make all our remedies, including our herbs. It takes approximately 7 weeks to make our fluid extracts, and that's before they even get made into the individual remedies you see in our Tagiwig range.
  • Money back guarantee - we are so committed to helping animals and believe in our products that much, that we offer a money back guarantee if you find the product is defective or if it does not assist your pet with the problem that it is designed for.


The Natural Pet Team