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Homeoprophylaxis for Your Animals

It is well known that there are risks associated with vaccinating, not just for humans but also for our furry companions.  The trouble is there is no hard evidence to positively link the risks to the vaccines.  Is it true that only a tiny minority of dogs suffer adverse reactions to vaccines or is the problem more common?  Do you actually know what a vaccine reaction is or looks like?  Is it something that happens immediately after your pet has had their shots or can you expect a reaction to manifest weeks or months later?

It seems to be happening more and more that a lot of dog’s illnesses begin to manifest within as little as three months after their vaccination shots, and can continue for years after and lead to other health problems.

This has not been written to scare you from vaccinating your animal, it is to make you more aware, and give you the choice to vaccinate conventionally or to use other alternatives such as homeoprophylaxis.

Homeoprophylaxis: is the use of potentized substances in a systematic manner to prevent the development of the characteristic symptoms of infectious diseases.  It follows the basis of homeopathy being “Like cures Like”.  In other words a remedy is chosen on the similarity of the symptoms of that remedy that match to the symptoms of the disease you are wishing to prevent. Homeoprophylaxis works by educating your pet’s immune system about the disease before it is exposed to it, so it can react quickly and effectively.  Homeoprophylaxis does not create antibodies like vaccines are said to, but it works on changing the animals susceptibility to the disease.

Homeopathic remedies are made from plants, minerals, animal toxins and diseases.  In their natural form they can be very dangerous, toxic and even fatal.  But homeopathy uses a process called potentization that serial dilutes the remedy, this takes out all the toxic elements but with each dilution stage the remedy’s vital force increases.

Nosodes are a type of homeopathic remedy that has been prepared from infectious organisms, and potentised so all toxins and infectious contents are removed.  For example - the distemper nosode is made from the distemper virus.  This is the basis of homeoprophylaxis, you give your animal the nosode of the disease that you would like to protect them against.

Nosodes can be used safely as a vaccination alternative for those people looking for a more natural way to support their animals.

At Natural Pet our homeoprophylaxis programs for cats and dogs uses nosodes that are made from a combination of the following diseases:

For Dogs                                For Cats

Parvo Virus                             Feline Rhinotracheitis FVR                Feline Chlamydia

Leptospirosis                           Feline Immunodeficiency Virus         Calicivirus  FCV

Hepatitis                                  Feline Peritonitis FIP

Distemper & Hard pad           Feline Enteritis FIR

Kennel Cough                         Feline Leukaemia FeLV