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    Below we detail the best remedies to help with mastitis and high somatic cell count.

    If you have a high cell count, then start with MB Nosode in the water trough for the whole herd.  Do this once daily for 3-6 days.  Then move to PSSC, this can be used at the whole herd level for 4 days, or to treat any particular cows that are showing signs of mastitis.  If you have had your cows tested and found a pacticular bacteria, we can mix up the nosode to help with this.  But our MB Nosode has the 5 most common bacteria - Strep uberus, Strep aga,  Strep dys, Strep aur and E coli.

    PSSC is a blend of 4 homeopathic remedies that work well for mastitis.  Good for treating mastitis in an individual in the cow shed, can also be given at herd level into the water trough. A very effective mastitis remedy.

    MB Nosode is a nosode made out of the most common bacteria that causes mastitis. Great to assist as a prophylaxsis / preventative for mastitis, also been found to help reduce high SCC. Good to treat at herd level, give to any cow with a cell count over 150k.

    Bryonia is for the animal that has a hard quarter and little to no milk coming out.  Very painful and irritable.  Should notice a difference with 24 hours.  Then use PSSC.

    Belladonna 200c is for mastitis that comes on very quickly and accompanied by fever and and restlessness.  The eyes may be glazed and the udder red hot to touch. 

    Below is blog Paulette wrote a few years ago when she was running a 100 cow shed on OAD milking.

    Hope you all had a wonderful Xmas and are enjoying the new-year.  I had some time off over the Xmas break, at the small farm I had 6 days off.  Upon returning there was mastitis in the herd, the filter sock was a mess and the SCC had climbed up.  So all up I found 3 mastitis cows, I started treating all of them with PSSC a homeopathic blend of remedies designed to assist cows with mastitis and also put them in the bucket to bring the SCC down.

    The PSSC remedy has been very successful, I do my usual 3 sprays a milking, one when they come into the shed, one when I put the cups on and one when I take the cups off. One of the cows was bucketed and treated for 2 days, cleared and put back in the vat.  Another was treated and bucketed for 4 days then went back in the vat. The third is still being treated but is clearing up nicely.

    This is a great result, as if I was to treat with antibiotics it would be 3 days treatment and a withholding period of 96 hours for a twice a day herd, since we are once a day, we have to double that from 4 days to 8 days, so all up the cows would have been out of the vat for 11 days.

    Below is a comparison on how long these cows were kept out of the vat on homeopathy and how long they would have to be withheld if treated with antibiotics.


    Homeopathic Treatment

    Antibiotic treatment

    Cow 1

    2 days in bucket

    11 days in bucket

    Cow 2

    4 days in bucket

    11 days in bucket

    Cow 3

    5 days still in bucket but clearing

    11 days in bucket

    As you can see quite a cost saving for the owner as homeopathy is cheaper than antibiotics and also they get the milk back into the vat sooner and therefore into their wallets.


    Posted: Mon 19 Jan 2015