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A Guide to Lamb Rearing using Homeopathy

A Guide to Lamb Rearing using Homeopathy

Rearing lambs is so much fun, and they are so cute and adorable.  

So if you are rearing them as a pet or to be farmed, below, we have put together a list of the most commonly used homeopathic remedies that can assist you in rearing healthy, happy lambs. Of course, this list is not exhaustive, so if you have any other health issues, please get in touch with us. We can mix something up.  

Homeopathy is so easy to administer. You can put drops onto their nose or into their milk or water. Our remedies come in 25ml, 50ml, 100ml (glass bottle and dropper), 200ml or 500ml (plastic bottle and cap), so we have a size to suit everyone. To order, you can click on the link below in green, go to our farm page or our dispensary, where you will find all sizes, remember to put the name of the remedy in the remedy box.  

To download this in pdf form, click here.

General Remedies 

Arnica 30c

For any form of shock, bruising and trauma

Arnica / Acon / Bellis Perrenis

To help lambs that may be in shock or had trauma during birth. Ingredients are Arnica for shock and trauma, Aconite for emotional shock and Bellis p for bruising to deep muscle. 

Baryta carb 30c

For the runts that are not thriving or doing well, with poor development and stunted growth. 

Carbo veg 30c

Known as the corpse reviver, a homeopathic remedy for an animal that is cold, blue and nonresponsive to give them a boost. Great for wet, frozen lambs.

Clostridium 30c

To help protect against clostridial diseases (not to be used as a vaccination substitute).

Farm Mend

A homeopathic blend for wounds, infections, cuts and general homeopathic first aid.

Hypericum 200c

Arnica of the nerves.  Great for nerve damage, pinched nerves in hips, crush injuries and any injury to nerve-rich areas.  Suitable for lambs and their mums.

Ignatia 30c

Emotional trauma. Great for using when a lamb may be pining for mum. It helps to calm them down. Also suitable for any event that will be traumatic - when the lamb first arrives, docking, transportation

Multi V & M

A homeopathic blend helps the body absorb the vitamins and minerals present in its food.

Phos ac 30c

For the weak and exhausted lamb due to scours or a difficult birthing.

Pyrogenium 30c

Any infections, especially of the navel.  Infection can be smelly.

Sol 30c

A remedy for ill effects of the sun and sunburn.  To assist in reducing the risk of sun damage, especially after they have been shorn.

TK Blend

A remedy for tick and lice complaints, for use over the tick season.

Tub avaire 200c

Suitable for lambs when first born to boost immunity.

Tub bov

Good for lambs at 6-9 months to increase general health.


Rotavirus nosode

A homeopathic nosode for rotavirus in lambs is good to use as a preventative and if you have an outbreak.

SC Nosode

A homeopathic nosode for scours in lambs, good to use as a preventative.

SC Blend

A homeopathic blend for scours in lambs, good to use when signs are showing.


BL Nosode

A nosode for bloat is used to assist the lamb/sheep when they are at high risk.

Colchicum 30c

To assist the digestive system when there is a risk of or showing signs of bloat.


Ant tart 30c


Drowsy, weak, chest full of mucus, rattling with cough, has trouble bringing up mucus.

Bryonia 30c


Cough dry, the animal is still in too much pain to move, and mucus membranes are dry.

Facial Eczema

Chelidonium 6c

A remedy to help support the liver for lambs at risk of facial eczema or showing signs.

FE Nosode

A nosode for facial eczema. Suitable to use at high-risk times for facial eczema. Also good to use with the Multi V & M and zinc supplementation.

Hypericum 30c

For animals showing signs of Spring Eczema and Facial Eczema, swelling and redness to the skin, restlessness, sun sensitivity and irritability.

Posted: Friday 3 September 2021