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Kennel Cough NZ

Kennel Cough NZ

What Is Kennel Cough?

Kennel Cough (also known as Canine Infectious Tracheobronchitis, or canine cough) is an acute, highly contagious respiratory tract disease of dogs caused by viral, bacterial or mycoplasma organisms. Therefore, most dog coughs will be classed as Kennel Cough.

Several organisms cause Kennel Cough, including but not limited to Canine Para Influenza Virus, Canine Adenoviruses type 1 and 2 and Canine Herpes Virus, but the primary most common organism and what the Kennel Cough vaccine is developed for is Bordatella Brochiseptica.

Kennel Cough in Dogs

How Long Does Kennel Cough Last?

Have you ever asked “how long does kennel cough last?” Kennel Cough lasts about 1 to 3 weeks. However, in some cases, the cough may persist for several weeks, especially without proper treatment. It's important to monitor your dog's condition and seek veterinary advice if Kennel Cough symptoms last longer than three weeks.

How Does Kennel Cough Affect Dogs? 

These infectious organisms infect and cause inflammation to the trachea, larynx, bronchial tree and lungs, causing irritation, coughing and increasing mucus secretions.

The coughing will be more severe upon lying down, making the animal appear restless, especially with a change of weather, atmospheric environment, or after exertion.

Can humans contract Kennel Cough from dogs? 

It can spread from dogs to humans, but it is very rare. Unless you have a pre-existing medical condition, humans are very unlikely to contract Kennel Cough from dogs. However, if you do, you're at a much higher risk of developing different lung conditions, like pneumonia or an upper respiratory tract infection. 

How is Kennel Cough Spread?

How is Kennel Cough transferred? Kennel Cough is very contagious and is transmitted via dog-to-dog contact or contaminated surfaces such as bedding, food, water bowls and toys. The most common places of infections are where lots of dogs congregate, so kennels, daycares and dog parks.

Incubation time can be 3 to 10 days after initial contamination, and many dogs can carry it for several months without showing symptoms. People ask can Kennel Cough spread to humans but as mentioned such cases are uncommon. 

Kennel Cough symptoms

The main symptom will be your dog coughing, and they may have some or all of the below symptoms. The sudden onset of dry barking spasms of coughing can be productive or non-productive. Owners often wonder about the duration of these symptoms and ask, "How long does Kennel Cough last in terms of visible signs?" 

Many people will describe this as a hacking cough, which may appear as if they have a bone stuck in the throat – this is one of the key symptoms of kennel cough. While the coughing may subside within a few weeks, watch for other symptoms like nasal discharge, lethargy, and appetite loss.

The dog will show signs of laryngitis, tracheitis and bronchitis. Kennel Cough is an upper respiratory tract disease, so if rattling in the lungs is heard, please seek veterinary advice. It’s important to keep your eye out for these dog cough symptoms. If your furry best friend has a rattling sound in their lungs, it is essential to seek veterinary advice.

Kennel Cough Symptoms in Dogs

How To Help Puppy With Kennel Cough

Kennel Cough can affect dogs of any age and is self-limiting, which means most recover well. But it can be dangerous in young puppies, as it may progress to fatal bronchopneumonia, and also in immune-compromised or older dogs when it can progress to chronic bronchitis. In addition, coughing injury to the respiratory tract can lead to secondary bacterial infections from Bordatella Brochiseptica, Pseudomonas sp or Escherichia coli.

Here is how to help puppy with Kennel Cough; ensure plenty of rest in a warm, dry place. Provide good nutrition and water. Keep them away from other dogs to prevent spreading the infection. If symptoms are severe or persist, antibiotics or cough suppressants might be necessary or see your vet. 

Managing Kennel Cough at Home: Natural Remedies

Natural Pet has Canine Sniffles in our Tagiwig range, designed specifically for Kennel Cough, a dry hacking cough and respiratory inflammation. It can help prevent Kennel Cough when you think your dog has been exposed or assist when they have developed symptoms.

Another remedy that can help to support your dog is our Immune Tonic to help boost its immune system.

If they have had antibiotics, our Poly Bowel Plus will help restore and balance the gut, and our Liver Tonic (Hom) will support and cleanse the liver.

You can get veterinary vaccinations against Kennel Cough. If you are worried about these side effects for your dogs, check out our Vax Detox Kit Canine. It will detox your dog and assist with any long-term side effects. If they have reacted to their vaccination, don't hesitate to contact us, and we can discuss how we can help. When it comes to your dog’s cough in NZ, we’re here for you and your pet.

Shop our home remedies for Kennel Cough and Kennel Cough treatments today.

Understanding how long does Kennel Cough last helps in providing and understanding care, and minimising complications.

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Posted: Thursday 2 September 2021