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Laminitis in horses
NZ$ 35.00
50 ml
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A natural remedy for Laminitis in horses.  Lammi is a homeopathic blend designed specifically to support the normal immune response of a horse suffering from Laminitis. 

Laminitis or Founder is a metabolic disease of a horse that affects mainly the laminae of the foot.  And as many horse owners know it can be a very debilitating and often fatal disease for horses.  Lammi helps the body's natural immune response to this disease.

See our write up in Health A-Z for more information about Laminitis.

We also can make these in larger sizes, click the size to go to our dispensary and order, 200ml or 500ml, dont' forget to put in the remedy name.

All our remedies have been developed by a fully qualified Animal Homeopath and Herbalist.

Handmade in NZ. All remedies have a shelf life of 5 years.

50ml Bottle


Lammi comes in a liquid form, as we find this is the easiest way to administer. 

Homeopathic remedies can be either given straight into the horses mouth or put into the feed or water, any of these methods are just as effective. If you are putting into the mouth, please make sure not to contaminate the dropper, putting on to a teaspoon or other utensil may be a better option.

Dosage:  4 drops into mouth every 30 minutes for up to 4 doses. Can then be used 2-3 times daily till better.

Based on the above administration being 1 course, the bottle should last you approximately 9 courses.

The remedy can also be given as a long term daily dose and also trough treated.

All instructions are on the bottle.


Caution: If this preparation fails to alleviate the condition being treated, the user should seek veterinary advice

Homeopathic ingredients:

Apis, Arnica, Belladonna, Bellis pet, Berberis vul, Calc flour, Calendula, Eup perf, Hypericum, Lycopodium


"I just wanted to let you know how well our pony responded to the Lammi Treatment you recommended.   When Milly came down with laminitis we immediately took her off grass and called the vet who administered bute and left some with us to give her over the next few days.  Milly did not respond at all to the bute so I searched the internet for a homeopath near us.  I was delighted that within two days of her starting the Lammi homeopathic treatment there was a huge improvement and she was beginning to walk quite freely.  It was quite amazing how quickly she responded to it!  She is now back with our other horses moving normally.   I am very grateful to have found you, it was terrible to see a much loved pony suffering as she was."  
Brenda, Kerikeri

"Glad to say the laminitis remedy has worked after about 4 days of
treatment, will be keeping a bottle on hand. Thanks" 


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