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    This news blog has been started for farmers that may be interested in how homeopathy can be integrated into the day to day running of a dairy farm.  Each page has been written on the different times of the season or problems that may be come across over the season.  

    They have come from Paulette's own personal homeopathic experience while working on many diary farms over the years and also helping hundreds of dairy farmers.

    • Pre Mating and Mating
      Mating season
      Posted: Monday 9 August 2021
    • Pre-Calving
      Getting Ready for Calving and Lambing
      Posted: Friday 12 June 2020
    • Calving
      Remedies that help best over calving.
      Posted: Wednesday 10 May 2017
    • Colostrum Mob
      A look at what remedies can help once the cows have calved and are in the colostrum mob.
      Posted: Sunday 7 May 2017
    • Drying Off
      Drying off your dairy cows
      Posted: Monday 1 May 2017
    • Mastitis
      Remedies to use in Mastitis
      Posted: Monday 19 January 2015
    • Sore Feet
      Stone bruising, foot infections, foot rot
      Posted: Monday 22 December 2014