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    Sore Feet

    Sore Feet

    Detailing the best remedies to assist with sore feet.  When we were dairy farming we used to combat sore feet from several angles.  Picking up large stones on the races and also on the concrete in and around the shed, so cows don't stand on them and get stone bruising or cuts.  The cows were always let go a bit earlier and allowed to walk to the shed at there own pace, they were not to be pushed to the shed, also cows were not held tightly on the shed yard. If a cows head is up, they can't see where they are standing or walking, this is when they stand on stones and get injuries.

    Arnica is a great remedy for stone bruising, threat at an individual level or at herd level in the trough. 

    Hoof Blend is a blend of remedies to assist with cows that have lameness, sore feed, redness, swelling or hoof infections. 

    FR Nosode is a nosode made for foot rot.

    Below is an example of Paulette treating a cow with sore feet.

    We had a cow come in lame, on inspecting her hoof she had a small stone wedge in it, this was removed but she was not improving and her foot above the hoof was becoming very red, swollen and inflamed, so she has been getting the Hoof Blend remedy over the last few weeks and has now made a full recovery.  Usually a farmer would treat her with antibiotics for infection, so we managed to do this with homeopathy and regular hoof inspections, so once again her milk did not have to be withheld from the vat.

    Posted: Mon 22 Dec 2014