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Homeopathy for Goats - rearing kids, (baby goats)

Homeopathy for Goats - rearing kids, (baby goats)

Rearing Kids (baby goats) with Homeopathy

We specialise in making natural remedies for goats and all animals. Below are the most common homeopathic remedies that you would use for rearing kids.  Homeopathy is a very gentle, safe and cost-effective way to help your animals with their health.  All remedies can be added to mouth, food or water.

We also have a full dispensary, so if there is a remedy you would like or you have an animal health problem that is not below, then ask. Our remedies come in 25ml, 50ml, 100ml (glass bottle with dropper), 200ml and 500ml (plastic bottle with cap).  You can also order 100ml spray bottle in any remedy for easy dispensing and administration.  All purchases over $72 get freight free.

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BL Nosode - A nosode for bloat, used to assist the kids at high risk.  Colchicum 30c - A remedy to help the digestive system when there is a risk of bloat.  It is good for when a kid is showing signs of bloat.

Bone Health Calc phos 30c - Give when they are to be weaned.  Good for strong bones, tendons and connective tissue, it helps them grow into strong, healthy adults.
CAE Conium 30c – for hind leg weakness or paralysis.  Stramonium 200c – staggering and falling to the left.
Collapsed and cold Carbo veg 30c - Known as the corpse reviver, a homeopathic remedy for an animal that is cold, blue and non-responsive to give them a boost. Great for wet, frozen kids.  Weak kid syndrome.
Constipation + overeating Nux vom 30c - For constipation in newborn kids, also for ill effects of overeating, too much milk
Clostridial Diseases Clostridium 30c – as a preventative.  Individual nosodes of Pulpy Kidney and Tetanus are available.
Dehydration China 30c - For dehydration, for a tiny stomach that metabolises food quickly and becomes dehydrated.
Demodectic mange Sulphur 30c – will make the body unfavourable for the mite to live.  Hepar sulph 30c – will limit the development of pustules.
Diarrhoea Arsen alb 30c – for general diarrhoea in kids
Emotional Trauma Ignatia 30c - Great for using when a kid may be pining for mum. It helps to calm them down.   It is also suitable for any event that will be upsetting or traumatic - when the kid first arrives, transportation or handling.
Enterotoxaemia Clostridum 30c – as a preventative.  Prevention is best, but Pyrogenium and Arsen alb in high potency will help in mild cases – contact us for these.
Facial Eczema FE Nosode - A nosode for facial eczema. Suitable to use at high-risk times for facial eczema.  Using the Multi V & M and zinc supplementation is also good.  Hypericum 30c - For animals showing signs of Spring Eczema and Facial Eczema, swelling and redness to the skin, restlessness, sun sensitivity and irritability.  Chelidonium 6c - A remedy to help support the liver for kids at risk of facial eczema or showing signs.
Farm Mend A homeopathic blend for wounds, infections, cuts and general homeopathic first aid.
Immunity Tub avaire 200c - good for newborn kids to boost immunity, Tub bov 30c - good for kids aged 6-9 months, to increase general health.
Joint ill Bryonia 30c – joint appears swollen and hot, any movements aggravate. Streptococcus and E. coli nosodes – can be used alongside other remedies to help reduce levels.
Navel infections Pyrogenium 30c - Any infections, especially of the navel.  It can be smelly.
Nerve damage Hypericum 200c - Arnica of the nerves.  Great for nerve damage, pinched nerves in hips, crush injuries and any injury to nerve-rich areas. Suitable for the kid and doe alike.
Pneumonia Ant tart 30c – moist cough, frothy saliva.  Bryonia 30c - kid too sore to move, harsh sounds in the chest.  Drosera 30c - spasmodic cough, can’t get a breath.
Runts not thriving Baryta carb 30c - For kids that are not thriving or doing well.  Not growing, poor development, stunted growth.  The runts.
Scours Rotavirus nosode - A homeopathic nosode for rotavirus in kids, good to use as a preventative as well as if you have an outbreak.  SC Nosode - A homeopathic nosode for scours in kids, good to use as a preventative.  SC Blend - A homeopathic blend for scours in kids, good to use when signs are showing.
Shock + Bruising Arnica 30c - Shock, bruising and trauma – any form. Stone bruising in hooves
Shock + Trauma Arnica / Acon / Bellis Pers - To help kids that may be in shock or had trauma during birth. Ingredients are Arnica for shock and trauma, Aconite for emotional shock and Bellis p for bruising to deep muscle.
Sun effects Sol 30c - A remedy for the ill effects of the sun and sunburn.  To assist in reducing the risk of sun damage.
Ticks and Lice TK Blend - A remedy for tick and lice complaints.  Use over tick season.
Urinary Calculi Uri Calc - for urinary calculi or bladder stone formation.  It is more common in castrated male goats, especially around castration.  
Weak / Exhausted Phos ac 30c - For the kid that is weak and exhausted due to scours or a difficult birthing.
White Muscle Disease It is caused by vitamin E and Selenium deficiency.  These two vitamins should also be given in supplement form.  WMD Blend - This blend will help the body to assimilate these vitamins better.
Worming Farm WRM - A homeopathic blend for common worm complaints helps the coat look nice and glossy.
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Posted: Friday 8 September 2023