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Bentley the Cat and the Snake Bite

I know we don’t have snakes in New Zealand, but this is a story about Bentley, the Maine Coon that was bitten by an Eastern Brown snake and how he was helped with homeopathy.

Bentley’s mum contacted us concerning his health at the start of January 2024. 

He was showing early signs of kidney disease and had a slightly abnormal heart. BUT his mum informed us, he was also recovering from an Eastern Brown snake bite.  He had received the anti-venom and also many sedatives, but was not doing well at all. 

I asked what symptoms he was presenting since he received the anti-venom. His mum outlined a concerning list of symptoms:

  • Lethargy
  • Inflammation of his arthritis
  • Heightened Anxiety
  • Excessive jumpiness
  • Sleeping twice as much

Potentially, his neural pathways were affected.  

The vets also thought he may have developed congestive heart failure from the bite.

Cat snake bite helped with Homeopathy

Here is Bentley, at the vet. 

He is so unwell, he is refusing to open his eyes, move or get up.

So, we formulated a homeopathic blend of Lachesis, a remedy made out of the venom of the bushmaster snake, but also helpful for any snake bite.  Also Ledum, renowned for its efficacy in addressing puncture wounds and bites.  

We also put Bentley on our DrainHom, this was to assist in opening up the body's drainage pathways to eliminate the toxins quickly.

Acknowledging the pre-existing kidney concerns and also his heart, even though his heart problem was helped after the bite, it was discovered that he now has developed a left leaking valve.   Bentley's mum included our Kidney Tonic and Heart Tonic in his holistic treatment plan.

This was all shipped to Australia. 

Fast forward to January 25th, and we received a heartening update – Bentley was not just recovering; he was thriving!

Cat snake bite helped with Homeopathy

Nothing is more gratifying than knowing we have helped return a beloved fur baby back to health.

Paulette Carpenter
Animal Homeopath
Dip Hom (Animal Health), RCHom

Bentley the Cat and the Snake Bite

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