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Calving on the Farm

Calving on the Farm

Below is a list of remedies that assist best over-calving.

Arnica / Acon / Bellis P is a homeopathic blend of 3 remedies for shock, trauma and bruising. Arnica is excellent for assisting with shock and trauma, Aconite for the emotional side of shock and Bellis perrenis for the bruising to the reproductive organs. This blend is perfect for helping reduce swelling and bruising to the reproductive organs and the udder. It can be used in the paddock, even on down cows and in the colostrum mob in the shed.

Cal / Mag is a homeopathic blend that helps a cow assimilate the calcium and magnesium they get in their feed to reduce the risk of milk fever. Many farmers find this an invaluable remedy and use it all year round.

Caulophyllum, you hopefully have used this in the trough as a uterine tonic six weeks before calving. Continue with this over-calving. It is also great to assist in stalled labour, to get it going again and with a retained placenta after calving (better in a higher potency Caulophyllum 200c).

Hypericum is considered an Arnica of the nerves. Great for nerve damage, pinched nerves in hips, crush injuries or any injury to nerve-rich areas. Suitable for both the cow and her calf.

Ignatia is an excellent remedy for emotional trauma. Use when separating cows from calves. It helps to calm them down. Use in the shed and also the calf pens. It is also great for any upsetting event - dehorning, pregnancy testing, transporting and AI.

Pulsatilla is great for heifers that won't let their milk down in the cow shed and can be used in conjunction with Ignatia.

Pyrogenium is a remedy to assist with uterus infections, smelly discharge and retained placenta. It helps to flush out and cleanse the uterus. We also use it at the start of mating.

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Posted: Wednesday 17 May 2023