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Eczema and Skin Issues, getting Help for your pet!

Eczema and Skin Issues, getting Help for your pet!

Do you have a constantly itching, scratching, and miserable pet? 

Skin issues are a widespread problem in cats and dogs, and many of our clients come to us for relief. Fleas, allergies, diet, environmental factors, emotional issues, or an overburdened liver can cause them. It can manifest as eczema, skin inflammation, dry dandruff, wet/moist eruptions, pimples, rashes, and hot spots. 

Many of our clients find their pets are stuck on steroids or medications, and when they try to get them off or run out, their skin problems return.

You will find this is because steroids are a great anti-inflammatory, they get rid of acute inflammation, and all the symptoms disappear. But steroids don't deal with the underlying cause of eczema in the first place, so when you stop taking them, all the symptoms return. The steroids have done what I like to call "suppress the symptoms ." Hidden them, so we all get a false sense of security that the problem has been resolved. Also, clients find the longer they use them, the less effective they become.

But what is all this suppression doing to your pet's health? The skin is an organ for respiration and elimination. It is the body's first and safest way to tell you something is wrong internally. By suppressing and getting rid of this symptom, we are pushing the problem further inwards. Steroids are not a suitable treatment plan long term. They have side effects and can cause long-term deeper health issues, which we also see.

But there is hope, and this is where homeopathy is excellent. It treats your pet holistically or as a whole (not just the skin) by viewing its entirety – symptoms, history, personality, diet, etc. As a result, we can get to the bottom of what's causing eczema to give a gentle and long-term restoration of health.

So, what do we offer?

Here at Natural Pet, we offer complete consulting services to help your pet with its eczema and skin issues. These can be done in person, via phone, email, or zoom/messenger. 

We will develop a treatment plan including remedies, dietary advice (if needed), and other suggestions to help. 

We will help you to wean your pet off steroids, which will be a gradual process. We won't start to wean them off until they have been on the remedy for a while. This is because the body becomes dependent on steroids and can go through a withdrawal period, so we try to make this as gentle as possible with no or minimal aggravations. If weaned off too soon, eczema can flare up and worsen, which is not what we want for your pet. 

They will be on the remedy over this weaning process. The remedy will be doing so much work in the background, like building the system back up, increasing your pet's general health and well-being, and making the body stronger and more resilient so that it can handle the withdrawal of steroids and any future outbreaks well.

Because the scope of skin issues can be vast, as this hugely depends on how long your pet has had it and how much steroids or other medications have suppressed it, we like to let customers know that this is not a quick fix. 

Your pet's skin problems will not disappear overnight or within a month. It could take months and, if bad, up to two years to become eczema free. Therefore, we like customers to commit to doing a full consult at the start, then follow-up consults every 2 months for the first year, and then reassess for the second year if need be.

Yes, this may seem like a big commitment, but getting on top of eczema and keeping your pet eczema free, is a big commitment if this is something of interest to you and your pet. Then get in contact to make your first appointment and on the road to your pets' recovery. Email here or freephone at 0508 466 367

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Posted: Wednesday 10 August 2022