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Kidney Tonic

Kidney Tonic
For kidney complaints, under function and renal failure in cats and dogs.
NZ$ 25.00
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A natural kidney support. Kidney Tonic is a homeopathic blend designed specifically to support the normal immune response of an animal suffering from impaired kidney function, kidney complaints, under function and renal failure.

Kidney Tonic has been developed to support all problems that develop with the kidney.  It can be used in an acute situation and also for chronic problems such as chronic renal failure.

A very popular remedy with our cat clients.

All our remedies have been developed by a fully qualified Animal Homeopath and Herbalist.

Handmade in NZ.     All remedies have a shelf life of 5 years.  

25ml Bottle 

Kidney Tonic comes in a liquid form, as we find this is the easiest way to administer. 

It is preferred that it is put straight into the mouth of the animal making sure not to contaminate the dripper. This can be done by adding the drops to a teaspoon, lifting the lip and place in the mouth.  But we do realise that this is not always an option, it can therefore be added to food and is just as affective.

Dosage:  4 drops, once daily for chronic problems.   Can also be used in acute situations.

How long will a bottle last: (based on the above)

Cat    : 93 days per bottle

All instructions are on the bottle.


Caution: If this preparation fails to alleviate the condition being treated the user should seek veterinary advice.

Homeopathic ingredients:

Alfalfa, Benzoic ac, Berb vul, Cann ind, Serum ang, Equiset, Sarsaparilla, Solidago, Terebin and Thlasp.

"Thank goodness we found you. The kidney tonic has made such a difference to our 19yr old girl. Her coat is fantastic and appetite is back to normal." Smile     Michelle Wellington

"My cat is 18 with hyper-thyroidism, a condition he's had for over 2 years now & that was starting to deteriorate & had had to go onto stronger medication from the vets which last time we had done this affected his I looked around for a product that could give his kidneys support & I found the Natural Pet range & started him on the Kidney Tonic as well as the Hyer T after speaking with the girls at Natural Pet...well since then what a difference in him in just a few months, he's back running around the house thinking he's a kitten again & his coat has gone from being like straw to nice & soft like it always had been previously....can't recommend these products highly enough."

Marilyn, Marton