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Spring 50ml

Spring 50ml
Grass allergy, pollen allergy and wandering jew allergy or allergies in dogs and cats...
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A natural remedy for grass allergies, pollen and wandering jew allergies in cats and dogs.  Spring is a homeopathic and herbal remedy that has been designed to support the normal immune response of a cat or dog that is suffering from allergies to grass, pollen and wandering jew.

Spring is our No: 1 Top Seller in the Tagiwig Range

Allergies to grasses, pollens and wandering jew is something that is becoming more common in pets espeically dogs. This can be from pollens via inhalation through the respiratory tract and also as a contact allergy when coming into contact with grasses and wandering jew. This manifests itself as pink raw itchy skin, rashes and raised spots like pimples. With a contact allergy it is very common for the animal to be irritated in the under carriage – tummy, arm pits, groin, paws and also around the ears and mouth.

There will be lots of licking, scratching and biting of these areas. With the trauma this activity creates, it can lead on to secondary infections of the skin. For many pets the only answer has been a vet visit and their pet put on steroids to stop the inflammation.

These contact allergies are called atopic dermatitis, the animal will start with a reaction to grass or wandering jew in the spring or summer, but with the reaction from the body it can develop into an all year round issue, so you can have an animal that is affected all year round.  Our Spring remedy has been developed to assist your animal with this allergy in the way of supporting their normal immune response to the reaction.

Allergies are an immune based chronic health issue, to get on top of this long term you need to look at boosting your pets long term health.  We have developed our Leaky Gut Kit to help pets cover come these problems.  It detox's, cleanses and builds the gut back up.  Check out our Leaky Gut Kit.

All our remedies have been developed by a fully qualified Animal Homeopath and Herbalist.
Handmade in NZ.     All remedies have a shelf life of 5 years.

50ml Bottle

Spring comes in a liquid form, as we find this is the easiest way to administer. 

It is preferred that it is put straight into the mouth of the animal making sure not to contaminate the dripper. This can be done by adding the drops to a teaspoon, lifting the lip and place in the mouth.  But we do realise that this is not always an option, it can therefore be added to food and is just as affective.

Because this remedy has a herbal content, how much you give will depend on the size of the animal.

Dosage:  4 drops per 10kgs, 3 times daily for upto 5 days.

How long will a bottle last: (based on 5 days as 1 course)

Cat                      :  25 courses per bottle
Dog upto 10kg   :  12.6 courses per bottle
Dog upto 20kg   :  6.2 courses per bottle
Dog upto 30kg+ :  4.2 courses per bottle

All instructions are on the bottle.

General Disclaimer: Our remedies are designed to support the natural immune system of your pet and animal.  We do not claim to treat, medicate or cure any health conditions.  If you are worried about your pet or feel they are in pain or suffering please contact your veterinarian.

Homeopathic ingredients:

Mixed Grasses and Pollens, Euphasia, Histamine, Kikuyu, Sabadilla, Tradescantia flum and Urtica urens

Herbal ingredients:

Yellow dock and Rehmannia

"Spring" is the best allergy product on the market in all NZ! If your dog suffers grass allergies & seasonal allergies this product will help your Dog or Cat! It's a miracle in a bottle, don't muck around the season is rampant already! Thank you Natural Pet for your wonderful products, professional service and FAST delivery! You're #1 in our books! Woof Woof!   Pollie, Kerikeri

grass wandering jew allergy

"Awesome news, my wee girl Lizzie has improved already. 

She is doing so much better in herself. She has the collar off and has stopped chewing her paws. 
 I love it!
 I am so very ,very grateful and relieved that I have my girl back nearly normal again. 
I have already given my second bottle to my niece to try on her itchy girl. 
It's an amazing product that has saved my girls life. 
Thank you so much." 
 Jan, Whangaparaoa 

"Tried your spring remedy on my 4 yr old female Chocolate Lab/Wired Haired Point Cross with remarkable results. She suffers from contact allergy for most grasses and wandering jew, just what you don't want in a hunting dog. During the pheasant hunting season I would have to take a two week break between hunts while she recovered. I would also have to put her on a course of steriods a couple of times a year when things got really bad. I had also tried other products and diets which helped but only marginally. One week on "Spring" and she had hair growing on her stomach where I hadn't seen it before and all the reds spots and irritation disappeared. The true test will be this hunting season but she will enter it in significantly better health than previous years." Kim, Palmmerston North

"Best product on the NZ market for most grass allergies in dogs. I've been a dog owner for 45 years and have never come across a product that actually works, you and your product are a godsend.  I can't thank you enough for such an amazing product. Not a slight itch from the grass any-more. Now just a maintenance dose of 4 drops a day. Boom! Easy as. Makes walking your dog a dream knowing your furbaby is not going to break out a few hours after walking in the grass. Wonderful wonderful life saving product. FANTASTIC service & fast shipping too! Keep up the great work Paulette, what you do, you do very well." 

Pollie, Manganui

"Your allergy remedy has worked wonders for my cat Jack. Jack has had a few medical problems during

the past year, and very bad allergy issues ( his belly and legs were nearly completely bald). During his time on antibiotics he could not be given steroids so the allergy issues got worse. When his courses were finished the vet prescribed steroids, which I gave him for a few days, and I was told he would need them for months. Then I researched natural solutions that would not compromise his already weak immune system. Spring has worked magnificently and I have been able to stop the steroids altogether. A great product I highly recommend."

"Your product is amazing! We have a 1 1/2 year mainecoon and he has had such a bad run with wandering dew, it makes his nose go horrible like he's had flea bites all over his nose. It irritated him so much, and looked painful, vets couldn't do anything but give him steroids and antibiotics, you're product has pretty much cleared his whole nose up in days, so thanks a lot, your a life saver and our boy is 100% again:) I will be recommending you to a lot of people"  Jon,  Whangarei


"Hi Paulette I called about two weeks ago and ordered online some of the Spring remedy and I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU! After just one week Stella our staffy is looking much better and is back to her old self! We were at a loss as to what to do after 6 trips to the vet in the same amount of weeks with no answers or results. Stella had raw pimply itchy skin on her face, feet and underarms and the Spring remedy has definitely made a huge improvement to her appearance and her attitude! We will continue to use Spring to keep on top of it and in case of another outbreak. Once again thank you!" :) Trudy

"I just want to say a massive thank you, your Spring mix has literally saved my dogs life. We were getting to the point of near constant antibiotics and steroids to try keep the itching at bay, until a friend put me onto your product. Trix had chewed her feet so bad she was lame, more itchy spots by the second and just a very miserable dog.

The vet products really weren't doing much, and they didn't seem to know what else to do. After starting on Spring mixed in a bit of milk, the itch subsided rapidly, and she stopped chewing her feet. Within days she was virtually all healed up and no longer itchy. I did the 3x a day for 7 days, then 2 x a day for seven days and am now on the 1 x a day maintenance dose. If I miss a dose, within 24 hours, shes starts at her feet - but there is an awful lot of pollen around at the moment. Since starting on Spring, she has had no antibiotics or steroids. 

I have put my older dog on a maintenance dose as well, he was always itchy in summer, and now seems much happier. Thanks so much, I will definately be back for more." 
Hayley, Tauranga


"I would just like to say an enormous thanks for your Spring Remedy. My dog, Axl, has skin allergies, especially bad when in contact with wandering jew. Axl would have his whole undercarriage red, raw and bleeding. His lips would swell to the point he couldn't eat or drink. He would have such a bad fever his ears would be dark red and burning hot to touch. He would not get out of bed and cried all the time. The vet would give Axl prednisone for this (happening over 4 years) and he would get worse, not getting on top of it for sometimes two weeks. The last vet visit the vet told me to look at "putting him down as he is getting worse as he gets older", (he was only four). I was actually contemplating this as I love him so much that I didn't want him to suffer any more. 

However, my auntie told me about you and after contacting you and your advise on feeding and remedies, I now have a happy healthy dog. He only eats raw food; and if he starts to show signs of allergy, after only two doses of Spring Remedy his skin goes back to normal. After going through the last four years with Axl and his misery, sometimes I cannot believe it myself how quickly and efficiently the Spring Remedy works. Once again, thank you from me and Axl."   Sharon


"Button weighs 1kg, so only needed 1 drop of Spring.  It is magic in a bottle!!  After the very first dose my "Itchy and Scratchy" Chihuahua was no longer licking her feet the moment she came indoors! Her breathing seems better too, she usually snores but now I can hardly hear her. Absolutely wonderful stuff!  Thank you so much!!"  
Terry & Pocket Princess Button

 “Awesome product. Have used a few times and my dog is no longer scratching and chewing herself.  
Will definitely buy again soon”

“Again an awesome product, worked very quickly on my labrador with wandering jew allergies”   Jan, Whangarei 

“Awesome service!  Highly recommended product and would buy again. The stuff is already working, thank you :-)”  
Janet, Lower Hutt

"Four drops 3 times a day for 5 days - and after that a miracle - no more itchy dog!.  Many thanks" 
Kerry, Wanganui 


 "I brought a bottle of your "Spring" for grass allergies. It is wonderful.  I have 3 cavaliers who suffer from the allergy. One gets allergy conjunctivitis in her eyes, one scratches her body, and the other gets it in her ear and under her chin. They have all more or less cleared up. I have spent alot of money at the vets to no avail. So a big thank you for your product, I will certainly continue buying it"  



"Spring remedy was almost miraculous...within one hour my weepy red eyed  
miserably unhappy cat was back to his normal lively self, his eyes completely clear, I completed the set days of doses and he's had no further problems". 
Christine, Hamilton




Joey's mum came to us back in May 09, he was constantly itching and was a very unhappy little dog. He had been on many courses of steroids and while this did help him and calm him down, this never lasted long and his mum was very worried about the side effects on having him on this medication long term. They wanted to find something natural to help him.

The symptoms he was exhibiting were inflammation of his armpits, groin, stomach, feet and chin. Lots of chewing, biting and scratching and he was also getting very down and distressed. All these symptoms are quite common in a contact allergy.

We treated him with Natural Pet's Spring remedy, which is great for complaints from grasses, pollens and wandering jew. We encouraged his mum to get him on to a natural diet and add some omegas into his food.

Within three days of using Spring, his owners had noticed a huge difference, the bright pink inflammation had gone and the scratches were starting to heal.

Joey has the occasional flare up, usually when he comes into contact with wandering jew, but his owners just give him a few days on the Spring remedy and he is back on track again.


                                 Before                                                           6 days after using Spring