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    Jumpies P

    Jumpies P
    Flea complaints while pregnant for Cats and Dogs
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    25 ml
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    Jumpies P

    Jumpies P by Natural Pet is a homeopathic and herbal blend designed specifically to support the normal immune response of a pregnant animal suffering from flea complaints.         

    What is Jumpies?

    Jumpies P is an all natural homeopathic and flower essence blend.  It has been designed and developed by Animal Homeopaths and Herbalists. 

    Jumpies P is a natural flea remedy that works well in combination with other flea treatments. People find that by using Jumpies P in conjunction with commercial products, that they help to support this process, assisting in keeping the animal flea free longer and can even increase lengths between applications.

    Jumpies P is one step in the on-going process of having a healthy, flea free pet. You will not usually find one product that works alone to successfully combat fleas. Getting on top of the flea life cycle is the most important, this can be achieved by regular cleaning of bedding, vacuuming carpet and furniture, a healthy diet and good immune system are all what it takes to keep you pet flea free.

    It is a gentle, natural, cost effective way to support your pet’s normal immune response when they have flea complaints. It can be used with the peace of mind that you are not putting pesticides or nasty chemicals onto your pet’s skin.

    Homeopathically we have used the potentised cat and dog flea and also the human flea.  Herbally we use Rosemary and Thyme.

    How to administer:

    Jumpies works well when placed on to the skin at the base of the tail and along the stomach.  Instructions are on the bottle.  If it is at a bad time of year you can put on the skin and also give orally.  Bottle has a shelf life of 5 years.

    25ml Bottle

    Other Products to use in conjunction with:

    Wiggles P – to assist an animal suffering from internal parasite complaints.

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