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    Keep your pets safe and happy this Xmas

    Keep your pets safe and happy this Xmas

    We are into December already, gosh as per usual the year just flies by.

    This time of year gets very busy, lots of functions to attend, lots of shopping to be done and things to organise.  To make it a bit easier we have put together some simple tips to help you keep your pets safe and happy this Xmas.

    If you are having an Xmas Party

    • Exercise – it is a good idea to walk / exercise your pet before everyone arrives, so they are less hypo and will be more content to just chill when everyone gets there.

    • Food – it can be tempting to give your pet treats off the table, but remember their little digestive tracks aren’t like ours, so quite often our food can give them an upset stomach or more serious health issues.   You don’t want to be dealing with vomiting, diarrhoea, constipation or a trip to the vets over the stat days. 

      Food not to give your pet: raisins, sultanas, onions, cooked bones, nuts, chocolate and gravy.

    • Maybe you could buy them their only little treats so they don’t get left out.

    • Safe place - giving your pet a safe place to go to that is quite and just for them is a great idea.  Let the kids know that this is their place only, so not to follow them if they decide to go and have a little quite time.

    • Unsafe items – make sure there are no low hanging Xmas decorations on the tree, that can be chewed and digested to later on cause health issues.  Also make sure wrapping paper, plastic from gifts and crackers are cleared up quickly, so they don’t mistakenly get snaffled up.

    In our Tagiwig range we have a few remedies that can help - Stomach Tonic for vomiting and diarrhoea, Bowel Move for constipation and Drama Queen for stress and anxiety.

    If you are going away over the Xmas holidays

    If you are taking your pets with you, remember that the place you take them may be quite foreign to them and they can easily become stressed or wonder off looking for you.  Making sure they have a tag that has your contact details and your microchip details are up to date so you can easily be contacted.

    Travelling doesn’t agree with some pets and can be a stressful event for everyone involved.  We have our Travel remedy in the Tagiwig range to help with this.  It assists with the motion sickness and also anxiety.

    Leaving your pets

    If you are going away on holiday and can’t take your pets with you, you will be either looking at a pet sitter or kennels / cattery to look after them.  There are so many well run kennels and catteries out there, with people that really have a passion for pets.  Making sure all their vaccinations are up to day, if you would like added protection we have our Canine Sniffles to assist your pets immune system against kennel cough and also Feline Sniffles for cat flu.

    If your pet gets upset, depressed or pines for you then we have our Missing You remedy to take the edge off and put them in their happy place.

    Ask the kennels / cattery they may be more than happy to put some into your pet’s water.

    The Team here at Natural Pet wish you and your pets a safe and happy Christmas.




    Posted: Fri 10 Dec 2021