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9 Rules to a Drug Free Healthy Pet

We all want to have healthy pets, and that can be even more satisfying when you can develop technics yourself to make this happen.

I hear the comment so often “I wish I had found you sooner”, or talk to owners that have used my products but still have health issues with their pets as they didn’t realise the other things they were doing was going to have such an effect on their pet’s health.

So I have compiled the list below, of ways you can become empowered and help keep your pets drug free and healthy.

1. Get the nutrition part right.

You have all probably heard the saying “You are what you eat.”  Well the same goes for our cats and dogs.

Getting their nutritional requirements right is one of the key foundations to raising and having a healthy pet.

From a natural point of view, you can’t beat raw feeding to give your pet all the nutritional requirements they need.  I know many of you already raw feed your pets, but if you don’t, google raw feeding and see what changes you can make to your pets health.

2. Get them moving

Exercise is a big part of not just physical health but also emotional health. 

So taking your dogs for a walk, playing ball, or get your cat toys they can chase is a great way to keep your pet fit, active and healthy.

And hey - it could be good for you also.

3. Looking after their mental health

Stress is so over looked when it comes to its impact on the immune system.  A stressed, unhappy or scared pet will see their immune system destroyed at an alarming rate.  So keeping your pet in their happy place is a must for healthy animals.

Things like - taking them for a walk, creating a calm and happy home, or identifying a stress factor and eliminating or reducing it, is a good start.  The Tagiwig range has many remedies to help with different situations – Drama Queen for stress and anxiety, Fear Less for fear of thunder and fireworks, Save Me for balancing emotions, Spray for cats that spray or we can help you with other issues.

Also making sure your pet feels loved and part of the family.

4. Gather as much information as you can regarding vaccinations.

This is one of the most controversial topics of our time, not just for humans but also for animals. Deciding when and how much to vaccinate, or whether to vaccinate at all, requires copious research on the part of any pet owner.

Does your dog or cat need to be vaccinated each year?  A lot of the time this is a requirement of kennels or catteries, so you have to get it done.  But your pet will develop their immune system in their first year of life, after this vaccinations are not so important.  There are great natural alternatives.  Natural Pet does a homeoprophylaxis program for both cats and dogs, which supports your pet’s immune system against the common diseases.

5. Put an end to the use of antibiotics and other suppressive drugs.

Know how to treat your pet’s simple illnesses and injuries!  Have you heard of the antibiotic spiral, it is where you get an illness and take antibiotics, the immune system is reduced in the process, the antibiotics helps with the immediate issues, but causes other problems, so you need medication or antibiotics for that, then so on and so on, the immune system spirals downwards and each time causing more deeper and chronic issues. 

I’m a firm believer that for all allopathic medicines you take, you pay a price with your health, you may not realise it at the time or feel it, but it will impact your health in some way. 

Becoming acquainted with a handful of homeopathic remedies can protect your fur child from the ubiquitous use of antibiotics.  The Tagiwig range offers several remedies to assist with this, such as wounds, abscesses, cat flu, cystitis, allergies just to name a few.  So check out the range now!

Suppressive drugs such as steroids are very harmful to the body.  They are a go to drug by the vets for any inflammation, and they work great at the time, but only mask the symptoms and don’t deal with the real issue.  This is why as soon as you stop giving your pet steroids, all the symptoms come back, you haven’t dealt with what is causing the inflammation.

If your pet is on steroids ask us how we can help get them off them.

6. Have a mentor you can count on.

Taking on the responsibility for the care of your fur child requires effort and can seem quite overwhelming.

If you can share your journey with someone who is steps ahead of you — someone whom you trust — you’ll find it so much easier.

We are happy at Natural Pet to fill this position for you - online here or drop us an email. 

7. Think about vet visits.

Think about what you take your pet to the vet for. Then ask yourself “Is there a natural option?” 

Vets are great and a necessity for trauma and surgical related issues.  But outside of that, if you follows these tips and have a healthy animal, then you shouldn’t have to visit the vet much.

8. Do your homework before major health issues present.

The only way to be prepared … is to be prepared. The next wound, cough, ear infection, sprained paw, allergic reaction - is right around the corner.

Knowing how to use natural alternatives such as homeopathic remedies will give you the upper hand and stop every day ailments from developing into expensive chronic issues.

View out Tagiwig range or ask us what remedies you might need for your pet.

9. Do away with the chemicals.

Look at the flea and worming products you use, or the shampoos, skin creams or lotions that you put on your pet.  

For every one of those items I just mentioned, there is an alternative, that’s not only safe but usually much less expensive!

For example, instead of commercial flea treatment, Tagiwig have a flea remedy called Jumpies, also you can use things like, brewer’s yeast, apple cider vinegar, garlic, or get to understand the flea cycle and what you can do to break it and make your home flea free.

Empower yourself

I hope you can take the 9 rules above and empower yourself to raise healthy and drug free pets. 

Do your research, we know this can sometimes become confusing as there is so much information out there. 

Here at Natural Pet it is our passion to see all pets live healthy and happy lives, we are only an email or phone call away and are happy to help you on your journey.

Paulette Carpenter

Animal Homeopath and Herbalist

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