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    In the following we take a look at what homeopathic remedies are good to help in the preparation for calving.  

    Six weeks out from calving you need to start putting Caulophyllum and Cal / Mag in the water trough 2-3 times a week.  This is best done 6 weeks prior to calving, as it gives the remedy time to assist the body . 

    Caulophyllym is a great remedy for preparing and toning the uterus for the up and coming calving.  We all want our cows to have an easy calving, especially good for first time calvers and cows that have had trouble previously.

    Cal / Mag is a homeopathic blend and helps a cow assimilate the calcium and magnesium they get in their food, to assist in reducing the risk of milk fever.  Many farmers find this an invaluable remedy and use it all year round.

    Follow on to our calving blog to see what remedies are best to help over calving time.

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