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    Homeopathy is a system of medicine that has been around and used effectively for over 200 years.

    Homeopathy was discovered in 1790 by the German Physician Dr Sameul Hahnemann.  He became very disgruntled with the conventional medicine of the time, as he saw that quite often it made more patients sicker than what it cured.  So he started his jounery into homeopathic medicine.

    It works on the homeopathic principle of the Law of Similars.   This states ‘that which can cause, can cure’.  Meaning you choose a remedy that has been made out of a substance that would create similar symptoms to that of your sick patient.  This is where you get the saying of  treating ‘like with like’.  For example the onion, which produces tears in the eyes and irritation (similar to a cold), can be used as a homeopathic medicine to cure colds which have irritating tears. Or coffee which can cause sleeplessness and agitation, then you would use the homeopathic remedy coffea to treat someone with insomnia.

    To prepare a remedy a homeopathic pharmacist will get the raw substance, break that down and use a process of dilution and succussion to remove the toxicity of the remedy and also to get the desired potency.  Remedies come in different potencies, from low potency such as 6c up to high of 10m and above.

    Homeopathic medicine stimulates the body to heal itself and essentially is a natural healing process that activates the body's natural healing forces. It concentrates on treating the patient, rather than the disease.

    Homeopathy is a natural, gentle therapy that has been safely and effectively used for over 200 years, on humans and animals alike.

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