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    • Anal Gland Issues
      If your dog is scooting their bottom along the ground, licking or cleaning down there regularly, then it is a sign that there is irritation. Many people think it is from a worm infestation, which if you have not ....
      Posted: Tuesday 6 August 2019
    • Caring for Elderly Pets
      As your pet gets older you will find that they need more care and can become more high maintenance. At Natural Pet we have Pipi – also known as Pip, Pipsqueak, Pipi long stockings, Pipalicious and a few other names my partner calls her that are to rude to put on here. She is 15 and a half (yes the half matters when you are this old). She has been with me long before Natural Pet and Tagiwig. In her younger years ....
      Posted: Wednesday 24 July 2019